K.U. Nomura Thai Ltd.

President Mr.Kazuhide Nomura
Business Description Flexible PVC products(Gasket for refrigerator), Plastic Magnet, wire hams insulation PVC Tube, Dipping Product.
Product Line Flexible PVC products(Gasket for refrigerator), Plastic Magnet, PVC/elastomer tubes for wire harnesses, Dipping Product.
Address 1 Latkrabang Industrial Estate 144 Zone 3, Chalongkrung Rd., Lumplatiew Ladkrabang, Latkrabang, Bangkok 10520 Thailand
Address 2 Gateway City Industrial Estate 229 Moo 7, Tambol Huasamrong, Ampur Plaegyao, Chachoengsao 24191 Thailand
Establish Date June 15,1989
Capital 20,000,000 Baht
Parent Company Nomura Kasei Co., Ltd
Shareholder Nomura Kasei Co., Ltd 85% Thai Local 15%
Employee 400 Workers (3 Japanese)
Account Period December
Bank Kasikorn Bank
BOI 1380/2532, 1781/2539, 1255/2543 for GASKET and MAGNET
Certificate ISO 9001(2008), ISO 14001(2004) acquisition


1968 Kazuta Nomura established Nomura Kasei Co., Ltd with capital of JPY 4 million and began to produce PVC extrusion products in Ichikawa-shi, Chiba, Japan
1970 Capital increased to 10 million.
Satte Factory was established in Satte-shi, Saitama Technology licensing to Fujimura Industrial Co., Ltd. of Taiwan
1974 Iwatsuki factory and Osaka factory were established.
1980 Started exporting refrigerator gasket to China.
1984 Exported welding technology plant to Algeria as a supporting initiative for Toshiba
1986 Expanded Iwatsuki factory and consolidated Satte factory to enhance productivity
1989 K.U. Nomura Thai Company founded in Latkrabang Industrial Estate.
1990 Started manufacturing Gasket for refrigerator. Started manufacturing Magnet Strip.
1992 Started manufacturing Tube.
1994 Kazuhide Nomura became president
1996 Exported refrigerator gasket plant to Matsushita China
2001 Welding technology licensing to Hisense Kelon Electrical Holdings Co., Ltd.
2002 Shanghai Okayama Nomura R.P.P. Co., Ltd. (SONP) was established in Shanghai, China
Osaka office was established in Ibaraki-shi, Osaka
2006 Business transfer to Nomura Kasei Co., Ltd. (Change in Japanese spell)
2009 Shanghai Nomura Kasei Rubber Product Co., Ltd. was established
Transferred business from SONP
2010 Third factory of K.U.Nomura Thai Ltd. was established in Gateway City Industrial Estate
2011 Gunma office was established in Oizumimachi, Gunma
2016 Closed Shanghai factory
Launched Tochigi office/factory
2017 Raised up capital to 20 million THB
Acquired extrusion business from Mitsubishi Chemical Performance Polymer (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
2017 Launched dip molding products (PVC terminal sleeve)

“We are engaged to continuously improve ourselves to provide customers satisfying QCD”



K.U. Nomura Thai Ltd. was established in June 1989 as the first overseas brunch of Nomura Kasei Co., Ltd. I would like to express my appreciation to those who have supported us since then, including customers, partners and employees.

I announced our mission statement – “Bring prosperity with philosophy of social responsibility and appreciation” – at the first general meeting of stockholders of K.U. Nomura Thai Ltd.

Our magnet gasket and tube products have been provided to a variety of customers both domestically and internationally, helping a part to realize safety and ecofriendly home appliances products. We are proud of the fact which is consistent with our mission statement.

Moving forward to our next momentum of 40th anniversary in 2029, we pursue higher level of SQCD to be a specialist manufacturer representing Asia region.